New ezH20 Refrigerated Surface Mount Bottle Filling Station by Elkay

New Refrigerated Surface Mount Bottle Filling Station

The new Elkay ezH20 bottle filing station fits the spec of the ezH2O and EMAB series.  With the normal basin and bubbler removed, this serves as a bottle filling station only with a much shorter distance off the wall at 12″ than the normal 19″.   Two refrigerated models are available:  LZ8WSSSMC (filtered) or EZ8WSSSMC (non-filtered).

Intellistation ASSE UPC

IntelliStation™ Jr. by Watts

Digital Mixing System

The IntelliStation Jr. is the smart mixing valve that keeps you covered and connected. Password protected and configurable on-site, IntelliStation Jr. is easy to install and does not require factory pre-programming, a laptop, or special software to download for commissioning or when making adjustments to the valve.

Intellistation ASSE UPC

Water Coolers and Bottle Fillers Retrofit Kits by Elkay

Retrofit a Water Cooler to a Bottle Filler

The Elkay EZH2O® Bottle Filling Station delivers a clean quick water bottle fill and enhances sustainability by minimizing our dependency on disposable plastic bottles.  Elkay offers many choices on converting your existing water cooler to a Water Coolor with Bottle Filler.

Tooshlights® by Sloan

Efficient Restroom Management

The new standard of managing restroom traffic.
Any facility that experiences high-traffic periods can
significantly increase restroom use efficiency while maximizing
social distancing with the Tooshlights® system. In places
where customers are pressed for time—like airports, theaters,
stadiums, arenas, retail, restaurants, and office buildings—
Tooshlights can help optimize stall usage to shorten lines and
help visitors know where to go®.

OneFlow+ by Watts

Whole House Salt-Free Anti-Scale and Water Filtration System

OneFlow®+ Salt-Free Scale Prevention and Water Filtration Systems use a commercially-trusted, physical water treatment technology to keep scale from forming on pipes and reducing appliance life, along with a high-capacity water filter to remove foul tastes, odors, and sediments for better tasting tap water.

Mobile Handwashing Station by Sloan

Convenient Hand Washing Anywhere

Enable more convenient handwashing options for your facility with the new Sloan Mobile Handwashing Station. Our latest touch-free innovation can be placed anywhere in the building, bringing hand hygiene beyond the restroom.

AerDec Lavatory System by Sloan

Soap-Rinse-Dry:  All three steps without taking any

The AER-DEC is the perfect innovation for any high-end washroom. Soap dispenser, faucet, hand dryer, and sink basin all designed to work together as one beautiful, touch-free, hygienic, highly efficient system.

TracPipe by Omega Flex

Easy, Safe, Flexible Gas Pipe and Fittings

Since 1975, OmegaFlex has led the piping industry with its high-quality construction and commitment to exceed the industry’s product and safety standards. With over 200 patents and counting, the Company’s philosophy is not to wait for mandates, but to lead the industry by introducing the best products.

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